Trash Hoppers

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Trash Hoppers

Trash Hoppers are the heavy-duty multi-use alternative to the expensive single-use hoppers, traditionally used in construction and other demanding industries. A remote trip rope allows the operator to empty the hopper without leaving the driver’s seat. In addition, the fork mount design increases mobility making the hopper a versatile tool for any job site.



  • Made using a high strength steel – not like the standard single-use Trash Hoppers
  • Multi-use even in the most demanding conditions
  • All Trash Hoppers have a capacity of 6,000 lb
  • Remote trip rope allows operator to empty hopper from cab
  • Safety latch and chain prevent accidental dumping
  • Fork-mountable
  • Stackable for simple compact storage
  • Watertight 6? from base of unit

* Requires a forklift of the correct capacity in order to empty.