ITA Forklift Forks

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ITA Forklift Forks

ITA Forklift Forks are the most common forklift forks among the material handling industries. ITA clips make it easy to position and secure forks directly to a frame or carriage. All forks are made of a premium steel blend, in addition to a full heat treatment process. As a result, this extends the life of the fork by reducing damage from impact and stress, especially in cooler climates.



  • Available in Class II, III, and IV
  • Matte black finish
  • Capacity rated at load center for true accuracy
  • Made from a high strength boron-carbon steel
  • Fully heat treated to better absorb impact
  • Custom modifications available upon request

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Forklift forks, loader forks, bucket forks and everything in between – Budget Attachments and Parts has the forks you need. We offer high strength pallet forks in over 285 styles and sizes with lift capacities from 900 to 54,000 lbs.

We have forklift forks with both a standard taper, as well as forks that are fully tapered and polished. These FTP forks, also known as lumber forks, are tapered from the heel to the tip which makes them great for moving plywood and drywall.

Budget is the best place to buy forklift forks. We have over 4,250 pairs in stock and ready to ship. As a leading supplier for over 40 years, we have all of your standard sizes as well as shaft mount forks and forks with specialty clips and sizes.