Extension Booms

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Extension Booms

Extension Booms are an effective solution when handling trees, truss, or awkward materials and equipment to areas not reachable by machine. Extension Booms can be set to eight different lengths depending on application. Arrow?s premium steel is forged into a tubular boom. The tubular form factor makes for a lightweight yet rugged lifting solution. Extension Booms are an effective solution for landscaping, construction, and manufacturing.


Capacity Pocket Size Max Reach Safety Hook Hook Positions
Small Extension Boom ( CE20 ) 4500-1000lbs 2″ x 7″ 139″ 8
Medium Extension Boom ( CE60-TH-STP ) 13000-3000lbs 2″ x 7″ 139″ 8
Large Extension Boom ( CE100 ) 13000-4500lbs 3″ x 10″ 139″ 8