A letter from our President

Dear Valued Customer,

As we now know, the U.S. Government started imposing a 25% tariff on a wide variety of imported products beginning July 6, 2018. This unfortunately, affects many items within the Budget Attachments & Parts (Budget) product line. It remains uncertain as to what length of time these tariffs will be active, or even if the rate will remain the same. This letter is to inform loyal customers like yourself of the pending implications to the business we mutually and thankfully share.

Budget will always remain dedicated to providing high quality forks and attachments at a fair and honest price with rapid availability. However, like most organizations, we are unable to absorb a 25% material cost increase without dire consequences to the company. Therefore, we will have to raise prices on impacted products to absorb the impact of the impending steel tariffs. New pricing will go into effect in mid-July. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of current pricing by placing orders for in-stock inventory as soon as possible.

Thank you for your business, partnership, understanding and support through these shifting times. We will continue to keep you updated if and when the U.S. Government changes or modifies their program.

Terry Melvin
CEO, Managing Member
Budget Attachments & Parts, LLC