Remanufactured Forklift Engines

Complete Remanufactured Engines Available

Also Call for Machined Heads, Blocks & Cranks

Our Toyota R5 forklift engines are completely remanufactured and
"hot run" tested and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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Toyota R5 Engines

Toyota R5 remanufactured forklift engines

Our "Renewed Originals" are remanufactured to the industry's highest standards and backs each engine with a 6 month warranty and a customer service department that is ready to serve you.

What's in it for you and your customers?

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The Renewed Original Process

  1. All Toyota R5 units are carefully disassembled and totally oven cleaned.
  2. The head, block, rods, crankshaft and camshaft are magnafluxed and dye penetrant tested. Any not meeting OEM specifications are replaced.
  3. More new parts: new pistons, rings, freeze plugs, rod bearings, main bearings, timing chain and sprockets, valve guides, valve stem oil seals, front/rear oil seals and a complete gasket set are installed.
  4. Engine blocks are bored using the latest technology.
  5. A computerized honing machine is used to achieve highly accurate diameter and cross-hatch patterns. Cylinder head and block mating surfaces are machined, crankshaft is ground and polished, connecting rods are resized and checked for straightness.
  6. All parts are checked and double checked for precision tolerances by skilled craftsmen with more than 100 years combined experience.
  7. Final assembly is performed by highly trained ASE certified assemblers.
  8. Each finished engine is hot run tested for 27 minutes at R.P.M. settings of 300, 1500 and 2400 and checked for leaks, oil pressure, noises and vacuum. This process is video taped and packed with your engine.
  9. Heads are re-torqued, valves set and the engine is painted.
  10. Engines are sealed in heavy plastic to prevent dust contamination, then shipped on specially designed skids in cardboard cartons for protection.

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Because of the complexity of matching the many different parts with your specific forklift truck, we need specific data on your forklift truck to make sure we quote you the correct part. Please complete our Forklift Remanufactured Engine Form so that we can do a good job for you.