Forklift Attachments

For Forklifts, Skid Steers & Loaders





Pallet Forks

Skid Steer Pallet Forks

Loader & Telehandler
Pallet Forks

mightymax Mighty Max
4,500 # Cap.
telehandler pallet forks ProMac 10
10,000 # Cap.
For Loader Backhoes,
Telehandlers, Compact
Wheel Loaders, Rough
Terrain & Tractor Loaders
minimax Mini Max
40" Wide Frame
2,000# Cap.
grapple ProMac 10
with MacGrab

With 48" Forks
& Grapple Arms.
hydraulic Hydro Max
Hydraulic fork
Up to 5,500# Cap.
loader forks ProMac 15
\ 15,000# Cap.
For Small Wheel
Loaders, Loader
Backhoes & Telehandlers
pallet forks Dur-A-Max
5,500# Cap
heavy loader forks ProMac 26
20,000 to 26,000# Cap.
For Large Wheel
Loaders & Telehandlers
pallet forks Dur-A-Max Plus
5,500# Cap.
Hitch & Bale Spear Sockets
loader forks ProMac 40
40,000# Cap.
For Very Large
Wheel Loaders
pallet forks Dur-A-Max with Grapple
With 48" Forks &
Grapple Arms
pallet forks Super Max
9,000# Cap

Truss Booms

    truss boom Fork-Mounted Truss Booms


truss boom Skid Steer Truss Booms
extension booms Rigid & Extension Booms truss booms Telehandler Truss Booms