Fork mounted work platforms, personnel lifts & man baskets for BOBCAT® Equipment

With OSHA Work Safe Kit

man baskets

Work Platform w/ Center Gate

forklift work platforms

Standard frame - with removable
rails for easy transport

man baskets

Utility Frame - fixed non-folding rails
for access to 3 sides of poles

Forklift Work Platforms Sizes & Part Numbers

Available with Direct Mount Hitch Plates to fit your coupler
(No forks or frame required)

Forklift Work Platform Features:

Work Platform Applications

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must add body belt anchorage to cover your application.

Stock Sizes
Model # Size
WP48-48 48" X 48"
WP48-96 48" X 96"
WP48-116 "Short 10TM" 48" X 116"
WP48-192 48" X 192"

ASME/ANSI standard for elevating personnel B56.8.25.1 reads: floor dimensions which shall not exceed two times the load center distance listed on the rough terrain forklift truck nameplate, measured parallel to the longitudinal center plane of the truck [measured across the load bearing tires plus 10 in. (250 mm) on either side.

Most Rough Terrain Forklifts & Material Handlers are 96" wide,
plus the 20" allowed past the load bearing tires equal the
116" width of the "Short 10TM"

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