Renewed ALLIS CHALMERS KALMAR® Forklift Engines

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Top quality workmanship by highly trained engine remanufacturing professionals.

All units are run tested for leaks, oil pressure, noises and vacuum.

Industry's highest manufacturing standards are backed by our 6 month warranty.

forklift engines

Our "Renewed Originals" are run tested
and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.


  1. All engines that we receive are disassembled completely including freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, etc., and put into a thermal cleaning system. After cleaning, all parts are inspected for excessive wear, breakage or other damage. Cylinder blocks are magnafluxed, bored and honed to a new piston size, new valve guides are installed and the valve seats are reground to seal with new valves.
  2. Crankshafts are magnafluxed, checked for size and reground. Many require thrust repair or seal surface repair which is done at this time.
  3. Connecting rods are all resized on the big end and bushing type rods have new bushings installed and resized to a new piston pin.
  4. All cylinder heads are magnafluxed and resurfaced, guides installed and seats ground or replaced as necessary on overhead valve engines. All seat work is done with three angle cutters and verified with vacuum testing.
  5. All other parts are cleaned and inspected. Gears, bolts and nuts, springs, covers, pans, etc are repaired or replaced as necessary. Oil pumps are typically rebuilt, although many are automatically replaced.
  6. Our engines are then assembled by hand. No power tools are used. They are taken to a test room where each one is started and runs under its own power while a battery of tests are performed. If the engine shows any abnormality, repairs and necessary adjustments are made.
  7. Our goal is to offer the best quality possible. Please check our six month or 1000 hour warranty. If there are any questions concerning rebuilding an engine feel free to call for information. We look forward to working with you.

Because of the complexity of matching the many different parts with your specific forklift truck, we need specific data on your forklift truck to make sure we quote you the correct part. Please complete our Forklift Remanufactured Engine Form so that we can do a good job for you.

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